Where to Stay around the Shwedagon Pagoda

As the Shwedagon is located in the capital city of Yangon, there will be a number of options as to where you can stay. It is more than likely that, especially if you have flown in, you have arrived in Yangon to begin your trip.

In and around Yangon are many places to stay, and the prices can vary greatly. At the high end there are luxury hotels where a room will run the equivalent of $200 US and above. These hotels will include greater amenities and more facilities, to be sure. Rooms there will be spacious and will include private baths. For the traveler’s comfort, they may also include restaurants, on-site internet access, room-service, gift shops, a concierge to assist in travel planning, and even spas and beauty salons.

At the next level are hotels considered expensive by Myanmar standards at approximately $80 US and above. These hotels are noted for being comfortable, clean, spacious and welcoming, but the offered amenities are not as elaborate as at the luxury hotels.

Following these are mid-priced, or mid-range hotels where the cost is $20 US and up.
Many of these are converted homes with rooms available. Finally, there are the budget accommodations, for less than $20 US per night. In these, you will likely find an available bed and a place to store your belongings. In both of these types of accommodations, a shared bathroom is to be expected.

In Conclusion

To conclude, an experience taken to visit the majestic Shwedagon pagoda will be one you will never forget. The chance to see such beauty and to experience a place so rich in history should not be passed up. The Shwedagon will dazzle you and perhaps even humble you against it massive backdrop and loveliness. If you are going to be traveling to Myanmar, you will not want to let that opportunity pass by without taking the time to go and see the Shwedagon Pagoda with your own eyes.